Bazzara: the Trieste-based roasting firm between history and the future

Featured by Forbes among the 100 excellences of Italian food and beverage, and ranked among the leading Italian export companies in 2023 by the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore and Statista – an independent German research institute, Bazzara came to life in 1966, when Dionisio Bazzara decided to take over the Trieste-based roasting firm “La Brasiliana – Industria Triestina del Caffè”. This long-standing love story began over 50 years ago: the family-run roastery has its roots in a historic workshop opened in 1937 and taken over a few years later by Dionisio Bazzara, who decided to make his dream come true by relaunching and transforming the locally managed company with an export vocation, later developed into a brand with a strong identity by his sons Franco and Mauro Bazzara, respectively President and CEO of the company.

The precious heritage of this company is deeply rooted in the city of Trieste: the “Italian city of espresso”. Among the symbolic products of Trieste, coffee beans are a must. In the 1960s, the city could already count on almost three centuries of coffee tradition, during which the entire production chain of the sector had been successfully developed. Bazzara celebrates these 300 years of coffee history, at the same time honoring its family and artisan tradition.

In three generations, the family business flourished, establishing itself nationally and internationally as a producer of artisan high quality blends.

Today Bazzara sells its selections of the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta in more than thirty-five countries. These varieties of coffee come from all over the world and are harmoniously combined in the Bazzara blends, containing the essence of the Made in Italy art of coffee. In the very wide range of Bazzara gourmet products the values of the Italian lifestyle and a respectable artisan tradition are fully expressed. The company provides coffee that is always extremely fresh, coming from lots grown in the best harvesting areas on the planet; each single origin is subject to a slow and calibrated roasting process. There are many lines of exclusive Bazzara products, fitting all palates and needs:

  • Dodicigrancru line – the Bazzara luxury blend: an extraordinary balance reached by combining twelve of the finest Arabica origins in the world
  • Bazzara Blends – conceived, tested and roasted strictly in Italy to satisfy all consumption habits thanks to a variable balance between Arabica and Robusta
  • Bazzara Pure Origin – single-origin coffees come exclusively from a single plantation and therefore guarantee an extraordinary sensory journey along the equatorial belt of the planet
  • Bioarabica – this organic line is produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, giving life to a natural product that boasts several international certifications including Fairtrade and Rainforest.

Bazzara is also engaging in an increasingly ethical and sustainable production conversion process. In this regard, the company became a Benefit Corporation in 2021, formally guaranteeing standards of sustainability, respect for the environment and ethics already in line with company policy. For Bazzara, coffee means pleasure, belonging, tradition, history and culture. The roasting company stands as a promoter of the Italian coffee culture under various aspects. In fact, coffee represents the core business of the company: the purpose and soul of the Bazzaras’ work. For the Bazzara family, coffee is not only a product to be sold, but also a cultural heritage to be spread, which is why the roasting company has created an editorial line that includes volumes translated into different languages, reprinted several times and distributed successfully all over the world. The most famous are the three books written by the brothers Franco and Mauro Bazzara: “The espresso coffee production system” and “Coffee tasting”, both freshly reprinted (2023), “Cappuccino Italiano Latte-Art” (2012), winner of the “New product of the show” award at the SCAE World of Coffee in Vienna and “CoffeExperts” (2021), curated by Marco and Andrea Bazzara, respectively Q Grader and Academy Director of the Bazzara Academy and Sales Manager.

The second floor of the historic Art Nouveau building where the Bazzara headquarters are located also houses a prestigious, highly qualified coffee training school: the Bazzara Academy, the first facility in Italy certified as SCA Premier Training Campus for all modules of the Coffee Skills Program. In addition to a wide range of courses aimed at enthusiasts and professionals, the Bazzara Academy also shares a rich production of free videos and tutorials through its YouTube channel and, since 2021, the school has also opened its doors to enthusiasts and tourists who want to deepen their knowledge of the world of coffee through workshops and experiences.

In conclusion, the corporate payoff “Italian Coffee Heritage” embodies the key elements of the current Bazzara identity, well rooted in family principles and in the customs of high-quality Italian living, which through the simple and complex ritual of espresso renews the foundations of a collective heritage, encompassing years of research for excellence and a passion that’s typically Italian. The work done has not only been important for company growth but also for the cultural development of the large “coffee community” to which the roasting firm belongs.

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