Boro-Info Group has built its reputation on highly appreciated brands such as “Brutarul-Cofetarul” and “Gastromedia” technical journals or “GastroPan” International Exhibition. In the last 17 years, these brands became valuable connecting points between suppliers, producers and operators activating in the bakery, confectionery, milling, chocolate, ice cream, food service and hospitality industries.

“Supporting the bakery, confectionery and HoReCa sectors and increasing the professionalism of employees working in these areas through access to information, expertise and know-how offered by the GastroPan International Exhibition, Brutarul-Cofetarul and Gastromedia magazines, GastroPan Competitions and all-round support in defining brands and building visual identity of companies. “

Starting in 2009 under the name of Expo Pan, the specialized trade fair came as a natural result of the complex business activity that Boro-Info has developed in all areas of the milling and bakery industry, as well as of the need for creating a framework that allows suppliers and producers to meet in order to exchange offers, know-how and testing of innovative equipment and ingredients. Organizing annually the GastroPan International Exhibition has enabled specialists visiting the event to get in direct contact with the suppliers and to find out about the most suitable solutions for their business and the latest international trends right from experts in the fields of bakery, confectionery, ice-cream, chocolate as well as hospitality and catering.

”Născut” în anul 2009, sub numele de Expo Pan, evenimentul de specialitate a venit ca o urmare firească a activității complexe pe care Boro-Info a desfășurat-o în toate domeniile industriei de morărit și panificație, dar și a nevoii furnizorilor de soluții și a producătorilor de a se întâlni într-un cadru care să permită schimbul de oferte, de know-how și testarea echipamentelor și a ingredientelor inovatoare lansate. Organizarea anuală a expoziției internaționale GastroPan a permis specialiștilor care vizitează evenimentul să ia contact direct cu furnizorii și să afle de la experții acestor companii care sunt cele mai potrivite soluții pentru afacerile lor și care sunt cele mai noi tendințe la nivel mondial în domeniile de panificație, cofetărie, gelaterie, ciocolaterie și HoReCa.

Sectoarele deservite de revista Brutarul-Cofetarul erau în strânsă legătură cu sectorul HoReCa, cu care interacțiunile erau din ce în ce mai dese, fie datorită relației client-furnizor, fie datorită complementarității acestor domenii pe piață. Ca urmare firească, Boro-Info a pus cunoștințele de specialitate și experiența acumulată și în slujba specialiștilor din HoReCa, dedicându-le o revistă de specialitate distinctă: Gastromedia.

Alte servicii oferite

Continuous interaction with specialists has always provided us with essential information about the reality on the market as well as about the challenges specialists have to face in practice. The lack of opportunities for specialists who want to improve professionally was a common problem of all the sectors served by Boro-Info, and following the identification of this problem the team started a new project: professional training courses for specialists.

The team agreed that it was not enough to see pictures and read articles about the available innovations, so Boro-Info came up with a new idea and a new offer to its readers: visits to the major European exhibitions and workshops, exchanges of knowledge and experiences with international suppliers. So Boro-Info started to organize visits to the most important international exhibitions of technologies (Sigep, Host, IBA, Europain, Sudback etc.) for groups of Romanian bakers, confectioners and entrepreneurs in the dedicated fields giving them the opportunity to see and test equipment at the stands of foreign suppliers.

Besides editing the two magazines, Boro-Info designers dedicate their knowledge to help bakeries, confectioneries and pastry shops get more visibility on the market and develop their own visual identity by creating logos and advertising for these businesses. Throughout the 17 years of activity numerous entrepreneurs have turned to Boro-Info Group’s – Boro-Info Branding.

Starting from getting to know the business, branding teams have offered entrepreneurs their expertise in finding the characteristics that make their business unique and recommends it to consumers. Designing logos, business cards, various documents – letterheads, envelopes, templates for internal documentation, etc. – but also dedicated websites, leaflets, catalogues, menus and posters, all design services are accompanied by counseling and finding the best communication strategy with the target market.

Extending the activity of Romanian companies abroad, but also the fact that more and more foreign companies enter the Romanian market through local distributors or branches made necessary to transfer of a considerable amount of information. The translations of the technical documentation of products, catalogues or working procedures facilitated the transfer of this information between Romanian entrepreneurs and managers and those from outside Romania.

Ensuring quality services for translating technical documentation and communication materials that contain industry-specific terms is one of the services which Boro-Info Group offers. Extending the team with a professional translator specialized in the dedicated fields was the company’s response to market demands and the solution for many distributors who have turned to Boro-Info’s translation services throughout the 17 years