Kandy becomes a Business Leader

The Kandy company was awarded with the Golden Statuette of the Polish Business Leader. As a result, it is now a part of the distinguished group of the best enterprises in the country.

The prestigious distinctions are awarded by the Business Centre Club, the largest organisation gathering private entrepreneurs in Poland. Kandy had been nominated for the prize twice before. The Golden Statuette of the Polish Business Leader was awarded to Kandy on January 26th, 2019, during an award ceremony at the Grand Theatre in Warsaw.

The factors considered by the jury included economic indicators, product quality and innovation, the level of investments, charity work, as well as environmental protection and involvement in the club’s activities.

Kandy is a manufacturer of confectionery fillings, piping gels, mirror glazes and candied fruits (including bio fruits). It also supplies the dairy industry (preparations for yoghurts and quarks) and the ice cream industry (toppings, components).