Despite the effects generated by the coronavirus pandemic, the organizers of GastroPan want to continue to do everything possible for the event to remain the main source of inspiration for those who want to start, develop or relaunch a business in the bakery, confectionery and HoReCa sector. Between September 21-23, 2021, the exhibition center in Arad, Romania will become the meeting point of Romanian and international suppliers with professionals and entrepreneurs in bakery, pastry, confectionery, catering and HoReCa.

For 12 years GastroPan has been the place where the essence of professional technologies and business solutions gather.

Organized in compliance with the strictest safety regulations in the context of the pandemic, the exhibition will focus on innovative business solutions that can contribute not only to getting the business out of the crisis, but also to increasing the competitiveness and quality of products and services in the field.

GastroPan will bring solutions for post-pandemic recovery

The next edition of GastroPan exhibition will aim to offer new perspectives and solutions for the future and for the relaunch of the bakery, pastry, confectionery and HoReCa businesses. Everybody, but also the business environment is gradually adapting to the “new normal”, after the economic crisis generated by Covid-19 pandemic settled. It is a crisis that has profoundly affected almost all fields of activity targeted by GastroPan. However, as alarming as the situation is, this period is also an opportunity to shape the future of the business. And now is perhaps the best time to invest in new business ideas and solutions that serve the new demands of new types of consumers.

Experience in safety the solutions on display at GastroPan

As organizers, we are ready to adopt all the recommendations of the authorities and all the safety measures that will be required to ensure the safety of all GastroPan participants. Social distancing measures, placing disinfection stations, monitoring, limiting and filtering visitors’ access are measures that will be strictly implemented after the authorities finalize the rules for organizing fairs and exhibitions.

The most efficient business event in the sector

GastroPan has become the most efficient business platform on which suppliers can promote and sell their solutions, as well as bakery-pastry and HoReCa producers, operators can try out and compare equipment, ingredients and technologies on the market. Visiting the exhibition can play a decisive role for operators and producers in the sector who plan to purchase equipment, utensils, ingredients or other solutions and technologies. The event gives them the chance to see for themselves and test the available solutions, to compare the offers on the market, and thus, to choose the most suitable solutions for their business.

Benefits for exhibitors and visitors

Participating in GastroPan is a profitable investment for both parties involved – the suppliers who present their solutions at the stands on one hand and the managers, professionals and operators who visit the event on the other. Market suppliers can thus interact with many decision makers from bakeries, pastry shops and HoReCa units on the market, while specialists who visit GastroPan have access to a variety of machinery, accessories, utensils, ingredients, watching in parallel demo shows, participating in competitions and workshops.

Who are the visitors of GastroPan exhibition and why they keep coming back to the expo year after year?

Visitors who are individually invited to the main professional event include professionals, managers and entrepreneurs representing industrial and artisanal bakeries, confectioneries, pastry shops, ice cream shops, chocolate shops, pasta makers, cookie and biscuit makers, restaurants, hotels, bars and cafes. The specialists present at the event, as visitors, are looking for solutions that help them recover from the crisis caused by the pandemic, they seek innovative solutions for their business, the exhibition being the ideal opportunity for them to test and see live how the machines work, how to prepare new products on the market and have the opportunity to attend demo shows.

Who are the exhibitors of GastroPan and why they keep coming back to the expo year after year?

GastroPan exhibitors are important suppliers of equipment, ingredients, solutions and technologies dedicated to the bakery-pastry and HoReCa industries, from Romania and abroad, international companies present on the Romanian market with either production or distribution units. More than 100 suppliers are registered for the 12th edition. Their stands will present solutions and technologies for all activities specific to the bakery, pastry, confectionery and HoReCa industries. Of course, the reason why exhibitors return to GastroPan is to achieve the expected results and reach the sales targets forecasted for this event. Increasing the brand awareness and networking possibilities are two other reasons often mentioned in the feedbacks of the exhibitors, GastroPan offering them the opportunity to promote their brand among professionals in the field in which they operate.

If you are a supplier of solutions and technologies for the bakery, pastry, confectionery or HoReCa business and you want to book a stand at GastroPan International Exhibition, contact the organizers at +40733-313.043 or write an email to

Romanian bakers, pastry chefs and chefs can demonstrate their talent at the Competitions of GastroPan 2021

GastroPan Competitions are grouped into 3 main sections (BAKERY, CONFECTIONERY, GASTRONOMY), in which the jury selects the works that will deserve the trophies Bread of the Year 2021 – artisan and industrial and Cake of the Year 2021. Registrations for Competitions of GastroPan 2021 are accepted until August 16, 2021.

CONFECTIONERY│September 21, 2021│ Numerous pastry chefs from all around Romania competing in the Confectionery competition section are preparing  and perfecting their recipes for the ”Romanian Fruit Cake” that they will present to the international jury. In order to win the Cake of the Year 2021 contestants will have to come up with new and original tastes, creative and tasty creations using fruits that are specific to Romania. Artists and cake decorators will also have the opportunity to demonstrate their talents participating in The Sugar Paste Artistic Piece category, the theme in this category being the Wonders of the World (including the wonders of the modern world in the UNESCO Heritage).

BAKERY-PASTRY│September 22, 2021│ Both artisan and industrial bakeries will have the opportunity to win the trophy of the Bread of the Year 2021, as this prize is yet again divided into two different categories, according to the quantity of bread produced daily and the method of bread production – artisan or industrial. Within the same competition section, the Bakery-Pastry section, contestants will enter the competition for winning prizes for the best pastry product for children with gluten intolerance.

GASTRONOMY│September 23, 2021│ Chefs entering GastroPan Competitions will to compete in the category of culinary dishes. Competitors can participate individually or in teams of up to 4 chefs, of which 1 team leader.

Find more information about Competitions of GastroPan 2021 on

Companies can sponsor Competitions of GastroPan 2021

Suppliers of ingredients, equipment or solutions dedicated to bakeries, pastry shops and restaurants, have the opportunity to support Competitions of GastroPan 2021 as Sponsors, offering various prizes to the winners and can benefit from an excellent promotion among competitors, jury, visitors and exhibitors. For more information regarding the sponsorship packages and additional services please contact the organizers: +40733-313.042,

Access tickets from 2020 will be valid for the September 2021 edition

The GastroPan exhibition welcomes its visitors between 21-23 September, 2021, between 10:00 and 18:00. Visitors can enter with invitation or access ticket, which is available on Also, the access tickets and invitations already issued for GastroPan 2020 remain valid.

For more details about GastroPan exhibition, contact the organizers at or by phone at +40733 313 043. Read Brutarul-Cofetarul and Gastromedia magazines to find out the news about the event, visit and follow us on Facebook.